Mayonnaise Healthy Condiments

The American Heart Association's Simple Cooking with Heart program knows that making your own mayonnaise at home gives you more control over how much salt, sugar and other ingredients you and your family are adding to the foods you eat. Learn how! Get this recipe and more heart-healthy recipes at […]

Healthy For Good

Healthy For Good is a revolutionary movement to inspire you to create lasting change in your health and your life, one small step at a time. The approach is simple: Eat smart. Add color. Move More. Be well.

Super Hero – Heart Healthy

The American Heart Association worked to develop two videos that encourage parents, and caregivers, to help make heart-healthy choices for the children in their lives, starting at an early age. Visit our Healthier Kids site at today to watch and take a minute to share them with your friends […]

Tips on Diet and Eating Healthy

Visit for additional resources about healthy eating. In this video, Dr. Don Lloyd-Jones talks how to eat better, which is one 7 key factors related to better heart health. Tips include what kinds of foods to eat, and not to eat. Other cardiovascular health factors (that are part of […]